In recent years, there is genocide against Muslims all around the world. The subject of my article is not about who is behind these massacres. So I am not going to make cliché explanations and try to blame America, Israel, Masons or Zionists because there is a more important subject we face. One of the strongest things Muslims believe in around the world is that the Great Mehdi will come towards the end of the times. A hidden power who knows the truth came up with a brand new project to kill all Muslims and demolish Islam from the face of the earth. This is Project ISIS (The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant is a jihadist group active in Iraq and Syria) According to this project, first they will gather a group of people who will look like a group who will support the Great Mehdi as nobody will dare to stand up in front of them and then Muslims will be blamed for being “hypocrites” and wiped out from the face of the earth. They were planning to do things, which if Israel had done such things this wouldn’t be acceptable and cause great anger to the Muslim world. By using ISIS they can get away with it. Demolishing the Kaba, the Mecca of Muslims, was also part of the plan as they didn’t want people to idle the Kaba when they are praying towards it. (If that was an acceptable excuse, Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) would have demolished the Kaba himself)

Some of the things that will normally create an up rise in the Muslim world will be done easily because ISIS was the “so called” group of people which is mentioned in the hadith, According to hadith; “When you see a group of people raise black flags, join them even if you have to wriggle in the snow, the Great Mehdi caliph of Allah is with them.” (Fetava-i Hadîsiyye,, İbn-i Hacer-i Heytemi-37; Hakim, 8572; Ahmed b. Hanbel, Musned, 22387 – 5 / 277)

According to the hadith, the group with black flags are the army of Şuayb bin Salih who is the commander of the Great Mehdi. According to the hadith, it was said that all Muslims should follow him when he rises with black flags. And according to another hadith;

“The man who is originally from Yemen, brunette and short bearded called Şuayb bin Salih. He will be wearing a white dress and rule 4000 soldiers with black uniforms. He goes in front of the Mehdi and kills those who stand against him”. (Fetava-i Hadîsiyye, İbn-i Hacer-i Heytemi-41)

As seen in the above Hadith, this is Şuayb bin Salih`s army and if we accept these hadiths are correct and this is the sign ISIS came, then we have to accept everything this psychotic militants do. And this is exactly what the hidden power behind this plan wanted in the first place.

El-Kaide appeared with black flags and did the same thing which damaged the reputation of Islam and has made Muslims become martyrs. Thousands of people believe that Usame Bin Laden was the Great Mehdi just because he rose with black flags. The biggest duty for Muslims is not to follow every time when groups of people rise with black flags.

For ISIS to claim that they are the group of people which was mentioned in Prophet’s hadith is a very big danger. ISIS is a non-Islamist militant group who is made up of ignorant people and who have been influenced by people that hate Islam. If they decide to demolish the Kaba in Mecca, no Muslims will care for the colour of the flags they carry and will do what is necessary.

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